Pressie for Mum, New Look 6086

Sewing for others is always tricky, but I reckon I have a fairly good idea of what Mum likes to wear so I took a gamble on this tunic pattern from New Look as a gift for her Birthday.

I wanted something fairly simple, with 3/4 sleeves, no closures and a V neck and came across New Look 6086. As is often the case with some patterns, the envelope image is not very inspiring, but I could see potential in creating something pretty. I made view B.

6086_env_front_1Seeing as I was in a gambling mood, I also bought the fabric without seeing it from eBay (insert shocked face smiley here!) and luckily for me it is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a butterfly print stretch cotton rayon viscose. The weight and drape of this is excellent, and it feels very expensive. At just £7 per metre I did well. The pattern required 1.5 metres of 60″ wide fabric, so my 2 metres left me plenty spare.

The pattern was easy to cut out and the instructions were simple. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the narrow neck facing (the pattern piece is only 3.5cm wide) – note to self to find an alternative. But I secured it to the shoulder and back seam allowances so it was OK in the end.

The neckline is quite big, so next time I’ll definitely cut this higher, and I felt that the seam allowances of 1cm were a bit mean and there was definitely room to use 1.5cm without the fit being affected. The cuffs and hem were simply turned and topstitched and the neck facing was turned inside and topstitched – be careful with this part as it’s very visible if you wiggle off course.

Overall a beautiful top, the fabric made it come to life. Here’s hoping Mum likes it!



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