Little girl’s skirt – Birthday pressie

It’s a friend’s daughter’s Birthday today as as usual I had planned to get organised at sending her a gift early but failed. So yesterday, rather than traipse to the shops and wander around aimlessly (I have boys it’s always a novelty buying for girls and takes ages ha ha), I thought I’d make her a little skirt from my stash.

Thankfully I had the perfect fabric which I had bought a while back ready to make into new shower cap designs. It’s a lovely 100% cotton with floral print – very Cath Kidston-esque. Too good really for caps. I had some white glittery ric rac bought from The Range which added a nice bit of detail.

A quick search on Pinterest provided the perfect tutorial here. Size-wise, I was a bit unsure as to how to attain correct sizing for a 6 year old, so I looked on M&S’s website at the sizing charts for girls – usually pretty accurate in my experience, with a bit of room too. I plumped for the 5-6 sizing as she’s petite, which gave a waist size of 21 3/4 to 22 inches, so I chose 21 inches which meant that I cut out a rectangle which was double that at 42 inches wide. For the length I chose 17 inches which I guessed based on the tutorial. Both measurements include a seam allowance, which I chose at 1.5cm.

The whole thing only took just over an hour, although I fiddled with the waistband as I hadn’t quite left enough room for the 1 inch wide elastic. I got there in the end.

Really pleased with the end result, so easy to sew and a good way to save money whilst giving something made with love.

Here’s hoping it’ll fit – it won’t be too small, so I’ll rely on the old adage of ‘She’ll grow into it” if not.

Happy Birthday little one.x




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