Another gift – pretty brush roll

In my quest at saving money, I’m trying to make gifts rather than just buy everything. It soon adds up, 20 quid here, 15 quid there and seeing as I have a fair bit of fabric in my stash it makes sense to craft something.

When I was a kid, home-made wasn’t celebrated like it is today. In this time of fast fashion and the all too easy few clicks on Amazon, it’s now nicer, and more fashionable to gift something that costs little more than a bit of love and time, both probably more valuable commodities these days.

So my niece was 14 last week and I always find it tricky to give gifts for teenagers, until I came across a really great tutorial for a make-up brush roll. Having bought her some Real Techniques brushes last year, I thought it would be perfect. The tutorial is slightly different to how I made mine as I chose to bias bind my roll rather than turn inside out – although I regretted my decision instantly as it was really tricky going round corners with the bias, so next time I’ll stick to the instructions here. I also made it a few inches longer, as you can never have too many compartments for brushes.


The fabric I used was a gorgeous pink and white polka dot linen-look cotton from Abakhan which was an absolute bargain at £2.11 per metre. Not surprisingly it is now sold out, but keep a look out for more. The lining fabric was from my stash, bought originally from Higgs and Higgs, a great resource for all things cotton.

The whole thing took me a couple of hours – would have been less without the fiddly bias, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Must make myself a couple.

Until next time..




One thought on “Another gift – pretty brush roll

  1. This is fantastic and really useful keeps everything in one place clean and tidy and if you have teenagers you know how hard this is !! It’s also brilliant for nights out sleepovers as it rolls up and hey ho off you go !


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