Boy’s Wash Bag

Remember those curtains we used to have in the 80’s? You know, the nylonny funny texture ones? Well I came across a single Superman panel at an antique fair a couple of years ago. I think it cost me about £8. A bargain for the amount of material.

I was never sure quite what I’d make from such a loud print, until I had a need to sew one of the boys a wash bag for a school residential trip. I knew I wouldn’t find a wash bag for a lad in the shops, and my floral Cath Kidston one wouldn’t do, so I made one. It’s a simple make, just two panels of outer fabric, two pieces of shower curtain the same size as the outers and a channel plus ties. It’s been really handy item and I made it big enough to accommodate both boy’s toothbrushes, shampoos, wet flannels etc on holidays.

As the boys will both be away at summer camp and in separate dorms, I had to make another. Here’s a great tutorial which reminded me how it’s sewn together..I ignored the quilting instructions, it was more about how the channel is applied and also how the inner is sewn without raw edges.

It’s quite massive for a wash bag, but I do like all the potential leaky bottles etc to be safely tucked away in their luggage. Let’s see if they both manage to bring them back without losing them!

Happy Friday.



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